Oleolita with Calendula Demeter (1 + 1 free gift)


Renew skin. With olive oil and marigold Demeter.

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Calendula oleolite renews the skin. The Achillea, the Chamomile, the Calendula and the Calcium present in Green Clay, rich in heat, stimulate and nourish the deep layer of the skin, the dermis. Calendula is also a strongly rhythmic herb because it flowers periodically during the summer.
Preservative free

Pack of: 30 ml

Pack of: 30 ml

Ingredients: olea europaea oil – achillea millefolium extract – chamomilla recutita extract – calendula officinalis extract – solum fullonum oil extract – chamomilla recutita oil *

Demeter ingredients: Olea Europaea Oil, Yarrow Millefolium Extract, Chamomilla Recutita Extract, Calendula Officinalis Extract. Organic ingredients: Chamomilla Recutita oil.
* Components of natural essential oils: Limonene

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: It is recommended to use it together with the other two Demeter oleolites, to act on the three layers of the skin, epidermis, mesoderm, dermis and on the three spheres of the body, face, breast, belly. Massage them in this sequence: first oleolite with Calendula, then oleolita with Iperico, then oleolita all’Equiseto. Using the practical roll-on, massage the Calendula oleolite, making small rotary movements in a clockwise direction until completely absorbed. To be used especially after the shower, when the skin has the most dilated pores thanks to the heat of the water. Thanks to its high eudermic power the Calendula oleolita can also be used on the face.

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