26 Oct 2015

A naturally healthy smile with Argital’s Toothpaste and L’altro Collutorio (Mouthwash).

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The health of our mouth is essentially linked to good oral hygiene, which is at the same time both profound and delicate. Hygiene that is, above all, natural and obtained from plant based products that are free of preservatives, foaming agents, artificial sweeteners, fluorides. Argital’s range of natural products for oral hygiene were created to create a fresh and pleasant sensation, providing optimal well-being to teeth and gums.

Argital toothpastes are not abrasive, providing an effective clean without harming or irritating the enamel and gums. They are extremely delicate, yet at the same time highly effective, able to treat even halitosis or bad breath. Due to the alkaline pH, Argital toothpastes prevent the formation of tartar.

Another important ally for oral hygiene is L’altro Collutorio (Mouthwash), a natural product containing Green Clay gel, Colloidal Silver water, Pineapple extract, pure Krameria and Calendula extracts, pure essential oils of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Star Anise, and Cloves: a blend of natural ingredients that prevent the formation of cavities, fight bad breath and strengthen tooth enamel. The result is a pleasant and lasting sensation of clean freshness in your mouth.