A Unique Clay

Argital’s clay comes from a quarry located in the extreme south of Sicily, in a clean area, that is sunny and breezy all year round.

It is excavated and dried during the summer months, when the sun’s forces are stronger and more intense, for use throughout the entire year.
Thanks to the enormous amount of light and solar warmth absorbed, it boasts an extraordinary wealth of force.

A unique heritage that makes Clay a body modelling agent, capable of rendering the skin more youthful, supple and toned. The presence of Silica helps slow down the ageing process, making Argital’s Green Clay an exceptional natural anti-ageing agent.
Being of marine origin, it is very rich in mineral salts and trace elements, which contribute to make the clay particularly active.

Aged between 6 and 16 million years, a geological period during which the Earth was particularly rich in vital life-giving forces.

A beneficial force that clay has preserved over time and that we continue to access today every time we use it in the form of a toothpaste, a shampoo, a mask, or simply as a clay powder added to a bath.

It contains bivalent iron: a younger and more effective iron that gives the Clay a colour that ranges from green to turquoise, in contrast to the reddish colour of clays with a predominance of trivalent iron.

Mixed to a paste with water, Argital’s Green Clay transforms into a beautiful creamy green-coloured paste that is lustrous and pliant in consistency.
As soon as this paste comes into contact with the skin, it creates a pleasant feeling of wellbeing.