24 Nov 2016

Argital Baby line, to naturally cleanse and protect the most delicate and sensitive skin.

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Organic, 100% natural, free from allergens and preservatives, the Baby line is the result of research conducted by Argital in synergy with universities and in collaboration with a group of mothers, to create a line of very delicate products, capable of cleansing and protecting the skin of younger children. A full line based on Green Clay, pure Gold essential oils and vegetable foaming agents, suitable for all skin types, especially for particularly sensitive skin.
Used in synergy, the Baby line products are essential for changing nappies, as they prevent and soothe skin redness, enabling a deep, delicate cleanse while keeping the child’s skin moisturised and healthy.

The Baby line includes five products:

Protective Milk cleanser,  thanks to its strong and soothing emollient action, this is ideal for cleaning your baby’s skin, even in the presence of nappy rash;
Vegetal Shower Shampoo, thanks to its very delicate foaming action derived from Coconut, and due to Rice Protein, this product can be used as a shampoo and shower cream for your baby and the whole family. It does not irritate or sting your eyes;
Baby Protective Cream carries out a strong, rapid action against nappy rash, thanks to the action of Green Clay gel and Violet Tricolour Extract;
Protective Powder, with Green Clay, Rice Starch and Violet Extract, absorbs impurities and neutralises acidity, prevents skin redness and refreshes;
Body Cream, with Mallow, Violet and Green Clay gel, deeply moisturises, prevents inflammation and prevents chapped skin.

Baby Line products are organic and certified by BDIH and ICEA.