Argital Cosmetics: beauty and well-being for everyone

Argital Cosmetics: beauty and well-being for everyone


The skin is a threshold through which cosmetics can penetrate our body, for this reason, a cosmetic first of all must be healthy.


Argital, as always, works in accordance with certain fundamental principles:

  • the quality of raw materials
  • working with and combining these raw materials in a truly harmonious way
  • the fragrance in the product is derived from natural ingredients
  • the selection of packaging to preserve the products in the best possible conditions
  • quality checks during various stages of processing and in the period immediately after
  • our rationale behind all of this: healthy cosmetics are the result of healthy thought.



Argital guarantees freshness:

Products are produced in small
batches in a way to guarantee maximum freshness.

All products are packaged in containers made from recyclable materials of aluminum and glass, with the exception of a few products, for example shampoos that, for safety reasons, are packaged in recyclable plastic bottles.


Raw materials, find out what our products contain.


The list of ingredients is shown on all products in accordance with European INCI code standards.