20 Oct 2016

Argital dietary supplements: well-being according to nature.

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As part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, the use of dietary supplements may be indicated to meet certain nutritional deficiencies or to help to deal naturally with certain conditions of the body.

Argital research has always selected the best organic ingredients to create products that can help our body’s natural ability to regenerate itself and to deal with momentary imbalances due to several factors. 100% natural and preservatives free, Argital dietary supplements are designed and manufactured to produce beneficial effects providing the body with an effective dietary supplement.

The Argital catalogue includes various supplements, with different properties:

Vegetargil: a natural aid for gastrointestinal motility, with “plant based clay”, the result of Argital research, aimed at reproducing the properties of ventilated active green clay, using a mixture of Demeter organic Equisetum, Nettle and Dandelion herbs.

Silargil: Argital’s historic dietary supplement, that promotes the body’s purifying functions, is currently made with a new “plant based clay” formula. Plant based clay is a special mixture composed of the Demeter organic Equisetum, Nettle and Dandelion herbs, with the addition of Milk thistle, which deeply purify the body.

Propoleus: made from Propolis and essentials oils of Eucalyptus, Mint, Anise and Scotch Pine, promotes the recovery of the normal function of the oropharyngeal tract, helping to relieve discomfort and to restore the balance of the upper respiratory tract.

Echinacea Balsamic Syrup: a decongestant with immunostimulant properties which helps to recover the well-being of the respiratory tract and of the entire body.

Finally, our novelty, the Five day Tablets for Her : a Potentilla erecta based dietary supplement against the discomfort of menstrual cycle disorders, which relaxe and comfort the body, relieving pain and promoting general well-being.