Argital for the Waldorf schools

Argital has started a solidarity fund for Waldorf schools.
A project to support the Steiner schools in Italy.
For years, Argital has engaged in the realisation of anthroposophic principles and values that are at the base of its work, and has now created a solidarity fund for the Steiner schools with a project shared and appreciated by the Italian Federation of Waldorf schools.
The solidarity fund for Waldorf schools aims to support Steiner pedagogy and contribute to its diffusion, a pedagogy that teaches children “to learn for life from life”.

– Waldorf conference at Associazione per l’infanzia La Primula – ROMA 8 – 9 Novembre 2019
– Waldorf conference at Scuola Steiner Waldorf Aurora – CITTADELLA (PD) 11 – 12 Ottobre 2019
– Waldorf conference at Centro Antroposofico di TORINO 18 – 19 Gennaio 2019
– Waldorf conference at Scuola Steiner TRENTO 9 – 10 Novembre 2018
– Waldorf conference at Scuola San Michele e il Drago – MODENA 12 – 13 Ottobre 2018
– Waldorf conference at Scuola Steiner Silvana Corazza – SAGRADO 22 – 23 Settembre 2018
– Waldorf conference at Scuola Steiner Giardino dei Cedri – ROMA 6 – 7 Aprile 2018

For information contact:
Livia Speroni Cardi
Mob. +39 3938736836