Argital Natural Cosmetics

The philosophy behind Argital natural cosmetics rests on three basic ideas.

  1. To cause no damage to skin and health in general
  2. To endow the skin with a vital anti-ageing element for a more supple skin
  3. To use only natural ingedients that have been obtained while respecting nature at the same time.

Sun Dried Green Clay is the substance that can satisfy these principles, used as such or in the form of a gel. Argital Green Clay is unique by virtue of its nature and structure and has been chosen from among many others given its powerful anti-ageing properties, its richness in plastic forces that can be used to model and sculpt the body, and its rich energy content, similar to that of seeds before becoming plants.
Three forces live within Argital Green Clay, those of silica, aluminium, and limestone. These forces have a close affinity with the three skin layers.
Skin that is regularly treated with Green Clay and Argital cosmetics tends to remain much more supple.
When Argital green clay is used as a body wrap or in powder form in bath water, its modelling forces help to restore body shape and to maintain such shape over time.
Argital uses extracts obtained from officinal herbs grown according to biodynamic, organic and/or spontaneous agricultural methods.
Officinal herbs possess high specific functional properties for cosmetics.
For example, Mallow is rich in mucilage, a powerful moisturizer. Calendula is rich in azulene, a soothing agent. Equisetum is a source of light given its silica content. Vegetal oils used by Argital: Sweet Almond Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, and Jojoba Oil are all cold-pressed.
Upon contact with the skin these generate a subtle and beneficial warmth of solar origin, nourishing the skin making it softer and more supple.
Argan, Borage, and Rose Mosqueta vegetal oils found in some of Argital natural cosmetics are rich in trans-fatty or essential acids, vital for ensuring the normal skin replacement process.
Argital natural cosmetics use 100% pure essential oils. These are precious natural substances that conceal the motion of the planets within their fragrance.
Essential oils generate a very pleasing fragrance, stimulate the skin processes, protect it and bring cheer to our souls.
Argital uses natural vitamins such as Vit.E, contained in Wheatgerm Oil, rich in life-giving forces.
Vit.A contained in Carrot vegetal oil, also referred to as the growth vitamin, rich in heat forces and useful in combatting acne and pimples.
Vit.C found in lemon juice, rich in light forces, and a stimulant for the subtle processes forming the basis of a healthy skin.
Water is vital for the sustenance of life. Argital is fully aware of this fact and for this reason uses spring water in all its products as it is pure, light and the bearer of life-giving forces.
Argital assigns great importance to rhythm, a univeral force, which in addition to governing the great natural processes such as day and night, lunar months and seasons, is vital not only for the life of man but of all other living creatures.
Spring water and the active ingredients found in the range of Argital natural cosmetics are always dynamized to give them that rhythm, that element that governs life.
Argital does not use artificial scents, chemical substances and/or preservatives, the fragrances are obtained from essential oils and tinctures.
The preservation of the products is guaranteed by the use of essential oils and tinctures and also by a close scrutiny of raw materials used, careful cleansing, and by the dynamization process which elevates the
active ingredients towards the sphere of life.

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