12 Nov 2013

Argital products for man

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linea uomo

The man skin is very different from the woman skin, but equally needs care and treatment everyday.
For this reason Argital selected some products that are indicated for an everyday treatment of man skin.

Argiltubo can be used as face mask with purifying and anti-wrinkle action.

Rugiada is perfect as aftershave lotion.

Burdock cream is perfect as aftershave cream, thanks to its soothing action.

Olivargil is a natural soap with green clay and olive oil that can be used for face and whole body, and also for hair.

Argital Talcum powder absorbs the bad smells, it can be used also inside the sneakers.

Neroli scented water is the fragrance we advise for man, to use as light perfume and deodorant.

Arnica cream and Arnica oil  are suitable above all for sportsmen in case of muscle tension, before and after the exertion. We advise to apply them on bruises, strained muscles, tendons, ligaments.

For a complete treatment we advise to apply the Arnica cream or oil after the application of Argiltubo.