04 Feb 2014

Argital Treatment for sensitive skin and with rosacea

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This Argital Treatement  is suitable for a very sensitive skin and with rosacea:

  1. cleanse the face with Allergen free Violet Cleansing Milk appling in the face directly with your hands or with a cotton pad;
  2. apply the Allergen free Violet exfoliant Mask, massage softly leaving for 10 minutes, then remove with a dampened sponge;
  3. spray on the face or tap gently for one minute with a cotton pad soaked with Chamomile Water or Allergen FreeViolet Invigorating Toner;
  4. apply on the face Allergen Free Violet Oil Lotion and massage softly for 3 minutes maximum;
  5. apply the Argiltubo mask and leave it in place for 10 minutes for dry skin, 20 minutes in case of combination skin and 30 minutes for oily skin, then remove with a dampened sponge;
  6. finally, apply the Allergen Free Violet Cream and massage gently.