21 Jan 2014

Argital whitening treatment

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Argital  whitening  treatment for face is useful to prevent and attenuate senile sunspots which appear on the skin. For a good whitening treatment, we advise you some specific products:

– Cleanse your face with Vegetalatte cleansing milk  and apply it directly with your hands or with a cotton pad.

– Apply a moderate quantity of Vegetal Whitening Cleanser and rub gently, then rinse off.

– Apply the Scrub with  green Clay, Iris and damask Rose rubbing gently and leave in place for 10 minutes. Then cleanse with a  sponge moistened with water.

– Massage your face with some drops of Rose Whitening Oil.

– Apply Argiltubo mask and leave in place for 10 minutes with dry skin, 20 minutes for combination skin type and 30 minutes with oily skin.

– Finally apply Rose Cream  on your face and massage it.