Traditional Essential Oils

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  • Mysore Sandalwood


    Mysore Sandalwood has a woody scent; balsamic, sweet and warm. It regenerates and relaxes the skin. It acts on the…

  • Neroli


    Neroli has a similar scent to Bergamot. It improves the physiological state of the skin. 100 % natural. Preservative-free.

  • Niaouli


    Niaouli has a strong and fresh scent. It successfully improves the condition of impure skin, combats unpleasant odours from sweat…

  • Patchouli


    Patchouli has a delicate scent; rich, balanced and persistent. It purifies, and reinforces the spirit. 100% natural. Preservative-free.

  • Peppermint


    Peppermint has a very fresh, distinctive scent. Its perfume is strong and fresh. It relaxes the mind, helps concentration and…

  • Primrose


    Primrose has a sweet, floral scent. It tones the skin and gives a sense of protection. 100 % natural. Preservative-free.

  • Rose Riviera


    Rose Riviera has a distinctive scent; sweet, floral and very harmonious. It improves the overall aspect of the skin, tones,…

  • Rosemary


    Rosemary has a distinctively strong scent. It is excellent against cellulite, tones the tissues and muscles, and strengthens hair. It…

  • Sweet Orange


    Sweet Orange has a delicate scent; rich, balanced and persistent. It cleanses oily skin and gives a sense of freshness.…

  • Tea tree


    Tea Tree has a strong and persistent fragrance. It protects and refreshes, and has a balsamic effect. 100% natural. Preservative-free.

  • Thyme


    Thyme has a strong scent; warm, spicy and distinctive. It is excellent against cellulite, for purifying the skin, anti-dandruff and…

  • Ylang Ylang


    Ylang Ylang has a calm and sweet scent, creating a cordial and harmonious environment. It is excellent for reinvigorating and…