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Argital at Biofach/Vivaness 2017

Argital will be present at Biofach, the International trade fair for organic products, in Nuremberg from 15th to 18th february 2017. Biofach is the most important trade fair in the Natural Personal Care sector, with a branch totally dedicated to natural cosmetics: Vivaness, for natural and organic cosmetics companies. Come and visit us, Hall 7A […]

Healthy, beautiful and protected lips, even from the most intense cold.

The cold and wind are a threat to healthy lips, which are more subjected than ever to chapping and irritation during the winter. To protect them from the aggressive weather, you can use Argital Natural Glossy Lip Balm, a certified, organic cosmetic with no allergens* and no preservatives. Its protective and glossing action gives your […]

Argital Baby line, to naturally cleanse and protect the most delicate and sensitive skin.

Organic, 100% natural, free from allergens and preservatives, the Baby line is the result of research conducted by Argital in synergy with universities and in collaboration with a group of mothers, to create a line of very delicate products, capable of cleansing and protecting the skin of younger children. A full line based on Green […]

Let's take care of our hair naturally with Argital Shampoo and the Vegetal hair Conditioner.

While brushing our hair, we can also look after it in a natural way: strengthen it, prevent it from falling, encourage growth, protect the scalp, using the products best suited for its needs. Argital Shampoo is highly biodegradable and provides an effective and gentle cleansing action and repairs the hair, thanks to the presence of […]

Argital dietary supplements: well-being according to nature.

As part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, the use of dietary supplements may be indicated to meet certain nutritional deficiencies or to help to deal naturally with certain conditions of the body. Argital research has always selected the best organic ingredients to create products that can help our body’s natural ability to regenerate […]

A natural and gentle oral hygiene with Argital products

Oral hygiene is important. It is equally important that this hygiene is achieved naturally, without the use of preservatives and chemicals that may be harmful to your health in the long run. The Argital oral hygiene product line is made entirely from plant-based ingredients, for safe and exceptionally gentle hygiene on teeth and gums. Argital […]

A bath with green clay and essential oils, for an immersion in wellness.

Green clay is a natural anti-ageing element, a primordial substance with extraordinary plastic qualities that make it unique. Clay, a bearer of vital powers and the energy absorbed from the sun during drying, contains silica, a mineral that is capable of slowing the ageing processes and making the skin youthful, elastic and toned. Among the […]