19 Jul 2013

Demeter Hypericum oil lotion perfect for summer

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Demeter Hypericum oil lotion is part of the new Demeter line by Argital, constituted by precious Demeter raw materials.

It carries out a nourishing and benefic action on the skin, because Hypericum brings on the skin the light of Spring and the warmth of Summer beginning.

Hypericum in the Middle Ages was called “chase-devil” because people believed that it chased away all negativity and evil. Recently it has been reevaluated for its antidepressant action.

Added to an oil it is a good sun screen and also favours the tan.  It is very useful also after sun exposure to soothe and nourish the skin. 

Hypericum oil lotion has a softening and protective action on the skin, and it is a good barrier against external atmospheric agents. It contains Demeter olive oil with softening and protective properties, Demeter Hypericum that is nourishing, balancing and protective, Demeter Lavender essential oil that gives a pleasant scent and a depurative action, finally green clay oil lotion that gives also anti-aging and shaping properties.

Hypericum oil lotion is Demeter and BDIH certified and it is preservatives free.