02 Aug 2013

Demeter Marigold oil lotion, a biodynamic after sun lotion

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Marigold oil lotion by Argital, Demeter certified, contains precious vegetable extracts of Marigold, Chamomile and Yarrow, that are strongly soothing and stumulate the skin renewal, nourishing the deep layer: hypoderm. This action is strenghened by the presence of green Clay gel, that protects and gives relief to the skin, carrying out also an anti-aging and shaping function. The addition of the organic Chamomile essential oil gives a delicate perfumed note and contibutes to the stimulating and soothing action. These ingredients rest in the pure Demeter Olive oil that increases the softening and protective properties of Marigold oil lotion. It is a specific oil for body but thanks to its high eudermic power it can be used also on the face.

For its characteristics, Demeter Marigold oil lotion by Argital is very useful in this season because it is a very good oil to apply after sun exposure and also during the autumn months to facilitate the skin renewal. The cylindrical bottle with roll-on cap makes it very easy to apply and to bring along also during vacation.

Demeter Marigold oil lotion by Argital is preservatives free and is BDIH and ICEA certifed.