Argital Natural Glossy Lip Balm for soft lips, protected from the sun and the wind.

With the summer season here, our lips are more at risk to the sun’s aggressive rays which tend to dry them out, making them more susceptible to irritations and cracks.

Argital Natural Glossy Lip Balm can be used to protect lips and make them softer and naturally more vibrant. This is a biologically certified cosmetic allergens* and  preservatives free.

Double-acting Argital Natural Glossy Lip Balm protects and shines, as well as being a natural and biological cosmetic which softens the lips from the first use, creating a pleasant, lasting transparent, glossy effect.

It is the result of the combined action of the mix of different ingredients, which are all bio certified:

  • Green Clay gel, which gives to the Lip glossy balm a protective, moisturizing and anti-aging feature for the contours of lips.
  • Olive oil and Bees Wax which offer a moisturizing and protective feature.
  • Viola Tricolor extract which heals cracked lips.
  • Rose oil extract which softens lips and revitalises their colour.

Argital Natural Glossy Lip Balm is both BDIH and ICEA certified.


*The product has passed a patch test for skin irritation.

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