Argital green clay is soft, pliant, creamy. It is a natural anti-ageing that protects, models, restores, stimulates and mantains young the skin, with the natural forces of light and the subtle cosmic fragrances that it shields deep into the Earth.

It is a marine clay, rich in mineral salts and natural trace elements, extracted from a pit located in the extreme south of Sicily, a clean, sunny and breezy place all the year long, close to the Mediterranean sea shore

The Argital green clay is a defencer, natural anti-ageing, absorbs stress and free radicals, leaves the skin silky, soft and elastic.

Our Green Clay

For hair, body and face mask

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For body and face sensitive skin


Ready-made green clay mask, for body and face skin



It is extracted and dryed in summer time, when solar forces are stronger and more intense. It could be used for one year. The impressive amount of solar light and heath that clay absorbs in summer permits it to display an extraordinary wide range of forces.

This unique heritage makes the green clay of this area a body-shaper, a powerful agent that rejuvenates skin, makes it more elastic, soft and tonic. The presence of silica contributes to slow down ageing processes. Argital green clay marine origin explains the richness in mineral salts and trace elements, vital forces that enrich this exceptionally active and precious natural anti-ageing. 

The green clay in Argital's pit is 6-16 millions years old, it was born in a particularly rich geological era. The benefic force that clay preserved for such a long time, comes to us in form of toothpaste, shampoo, mask or simple bath powder. 

It contains divalent iron, a young and effective iron that confers to clay its green-turquoise colour, that distinguish it from the reddish colour of clays with trivalent iron prevalence

Argital green clay emulsionated with water changes in a beautiful green cream, lucid and compact. Coming into contact with the skin it gives a special feeling of well-being.


Green clay chemical and mineralogical analysis:

Argital green clay is full of trace elements

Main clay minerals: Quartz, Calcite, Dolomite, Kaolinite, Illite, Plagioclase, Hematite.



Argital study the specific composition and disposition of clay and other natural raw materials and their interactions, to formulate the healtiest and most effective products.

New products development involves collaboration with many Italian University that conducts indepht testing on products with the most sofisticate and updated technologies
with the most sofisticate and updated technologies


Argital work is based on anthroposophic studies. anthroposophy conceives the human being as an harmonious composition of body, soul and spirit. Body and skin wellness reflect soul peacefulness and spirit counsciousness, healty lifestyle and nutrition.

Body and skin wellness reflect soul peacefulness and spirit counsciousness, healty lifestyle and nutrition

Argital conducts anthroposophic and experimental researches indoor and outdoor, in laboratories of various Universities.

Rudolf Steiner, Antroposophy founder, defines it “a knowledge path that would lead human to universal spirituality”

Sensitive Crystallization and Capillary Dynamolysis

Sensistive crystallizaion and capillary dyamolysis finalized by Pffeiffer after Rudolf Steiner advice, highlight vital force inside an edible or cosmetic product.