Clay: a genuine flower between the Earth and the Moon.

The knowledge that the principles of feminine and masculine exist within the cosmos, nature and in man, lived in the sentiment of the ancient populations and still lives today in a certain kind of modern consciousness.

Cosmetics have always been inspired by the female being and thus by women. The world of colour and fragrance are expressed through the flower of the plant, which is the part closest to feminine nature. The secret that makes the flower akin to the female being lives, and is guarded, precisely in the flower; in its colours, in its scents and its subtle warmth. In all of this lives a secret that may be, according to our research, the foundation of the new generation of cosmetics.

Clay is defined by us as the flower of the mineral kingdom since it emerges spontaneously from the Earth’s crust and is the lightest and most airy part of the mineral world. If we were to imagine a mineral plant composed of root, leaf and flower, clay would be the flower of such a plant. The plastic quality that characterises clay makes this mineral flower an unparalleled excellence since, unlike all other minerals that tend to crystallise over time and become harder, clay always remains very soft, very plastic, malleable, usable and pliable almost as much as water.

The binomial flower-Clay or vegetal flower – mineral flower is, according to our research, an excellent starting point for formulating specific innovative cosmetics akin to the feminine principle and therefore to the face and body of women. When preparing a face mask made up of clay, sweet almond oil, an infusion of Calendula and Lavender essential oil, besides the purifying, soothing, decongestant, invigorating, exfoliant, and anti-aging effects, you get an additional more profound benefit, that goes beyond the skin and arrives in some way at our senses, at our consciousness.

Healthy cosmetics, like healthy food, a kind gesture or a good read, influence the feelings and the thoughts of the female being and its body in a bright and constructive manner. The force of this positive impact is stored both in the way in which the cosmetic is designed and produced, and also in its ingredients which, if they are natural, and even better certified organic and Demeter, are always preferable, even in cosmetics.


Dr. Giuseppe Ferraro

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