Feet and Verticality

The feet are a fundamental part of our body. They allow us to support verticality, one of the qualities that characterizes the human being. And, through direct contact with the Earth, they receive a subtle but essential nurishment for our well-being. This nourishment passes through our whole body and arrives at feeding the metabolic sphere, the sphere of feelings and thoughts.

For these reasons it is vital that the feet are treated with great care so as to keep them healthy and in good condition, in the same way as any other organ. For example, if the lungs are healthy, they ensure good respiration and good nourishment to the blood.

During the embryonic period, the head is turned towards the sky, from where it takes inspiration, and the feet towards the ground, from which it draws nourishment. Shortly before birth, the embryo rotates itself turning the feet towards the sky and the head towards the ground. After birth, there is a new rotation that brings the newborn to position itself with the head turned towards the sky, from where it will continue to receive inspiration and with the feet towards the Earth, from which it will receive nourishment.

The feet are extremely important organs as they are the only ones which, through direct contact, allow us to assimilate the subtle energies that connect the Earth to Heaven, which are essential nourishment for us.

Green clay is a natural substance that functions to connect the opposites: Heaven and Earth. It is the ideal substance to treat our feet.