Since it was born, Argital has been inspired by certain values. Now the company decides to share them as the Ethical Code that rule its relashionship with the utmost transparency.

The ethical code objectives:

Values that inspire Argital activities lead the company in formulating products, selecting collaborators and partners, taking commercial decisions, relating with the environment and Nature

The ethical code is designed also on the intellectual thought of great figures of the past and present, poets, astronomers, musicians, scientis, artists, philosophers, religious men and expecially Rudolf Steiner, founder of anthroposophy

In order to safeguard consumers, Argital's products quality is certificated by:

Mineral realm

Argital extracts grey clay from its own pit and uses to obtain green clay natural methods as the sun drying

Vegetable realm

In order to foster healthy agricultural practices and avoid to enhance desertification, Argital uses the officinal herbs certificated by Demeter. They are organic, grown as natural vegetables and in small part conventional. The high quality of conventional herbs is guaranteed as well and they are used only if not reachable otherwise

Animal realm

Argital opposes any kind of exploitation of animals and any kind of violence in the world. It promotes respect for animal life.
Argital does not use animal derived ingredients. The sole exception, in minimum amount, is the use of propolis, beewax and honey.
Argital is one of the companies that promoted the “no animal test” law and refused to undergo test on animals prescribed by Chinese Authority

The ethical code is addressed to everyone that cooperate with Argital to meet the company's ends adn to everyone that admit ethic as founding value of life.
People that work and cooperate directly in and with Argital are required to know it, spread it,
improve it. It is upon Argital to provide them a copy