A consistent history

Argital was established in Milan in 1979. Its task was to study green clay properties and develop formulas for natural cosmetics designed for health and wellness. Few years later Argital was leader in green clay based Natural Cosmetics production.

Argital products are made exclusively from green clay and other selected natural ingredients.
Fragrances are obtained from pure essential oils
Fragrances are obtained from pure essential oils

Renewed location for production
In 2005 the company moved its operational headquarters in Sicily, in a sunny, windy and clean location before the Mediterranean sea, close to the pit that expecially the green clay is extracted from.

Nowadays Argital natural cosmetics are distributed and appreciated in Italy and in:

Il Dottor Ferraro


The plasticity of clay, the sunlight, the Etna warmth, the wind that carry its tales, the inflamed sunsets, the incessant rithm of the waves of the Mediterranean sea, the country landscape, its centuries old olive trees and its rich social fabric, all compose the context of Argital design and production.

In the extreme south-east of Sicily, around the pit that offers millenary green clay, the primary raw material of Argital's cosmetic products.


Tuesday reading

Each Tuesday we read together the meditative verse “Soul and Clay”, from the Calendar of Soul by Rudolph Steiner. Argital decision to print the “Soul and Clay” verse comes by the deep recognition of the bond between the two.
We realized the booklet to gift it to friends, customers and everyone who request it.


As its developer Rudolf Steiner defines it, Eurythmy is “visible language”. Today it is performed in anthroposophic school all over the word. The Eurythmy adopted by Argital has for its scope the elevation of company employees' consciousness and the increase of deep armony between them.

The social triarticulation

In Argital we started a course on social triarticulation inspired by the anthroposophical principles illustrated by Rudolf Steiner in the text: "The cornerstones of the economy".


Modeling is the art of communicating with the two celebral hemispheres through hands movement. Right hand movement stimulates the logical cerebration of the left hemisphere while left hand movement stimulates the creative cerebration of the right emisphere. Modeling clay with both hands connects the hemispheres while shaping the desidered artistic outcome.

Tuesday reading


Skin is the doorstep cosmetics penetrate out body through, and that is the first reason for a cosmetic product to be safe.


The quality of raw materials mixed

They way raw material are processed and mixed considering symphaty

Production regularity to guarantee

Packaging selection to preserve freshness the produtcs in the best condition

Quality controls during processing hard work

Care prelude hard work

Healty cosmetics come from healty mindness


Dynamisation is a process to enhance active principles functionalities


Production is realized in small parcels to guarantee the maximum freshness.

All products are packaged in recyclable aluminum and glass, except body and hair detergents that are packed in recyclable plastic for safety reasons.


Ingredients are scalarly indicated on products according to the European INCI (International Nomencalture of Cosmetic Ingredients).

INCI is the international code for listing ingredients by amount.



New products development involves collaboration with many Italian University that conducts indepht testing on products with the most sofisticate and updated technologies
with the most sofisticate and updated technologies

Anthroposophic research

Argital work is based on anthroposophic studies. anthroposophy conceives the human being as an harmonious composition of body, soul and spirit. Body and skin wellness reflect soul peacefulness and spirit counsciousness, healty lifestyle and nutrition.

Body and skin wellness reflect soul peacefulness and spirit counsciousness, healty lifestyle and nutrition

Argital anthroposophic research goes along the experimental research indoor and outdoor, in University laboratories

Rudolf Steiner, founder of Anthroposophy define it as “a knowledge path that would connect the spirit in men to the spirit in universe.”

Sensitive Crystallization and Capillary Dynamolysis

Sensistive crystallizaion and capillary dyamolysis finalized by Pffeiffer after Rudolf Steiner advice, highlight vital force inside an edible or cosmetic product.


Argital products contain:

Argital Raw Materials and Products are not tested on animals. Argital support ever associations in defence of life and dignity of animals.


  • BDIHThe Certified Natural Cosmetic BDIH seal certfies that a company meets the strict standards set by the German Association of Industries and Trading Firms and recognized all over the world in the areas of raw materials, ecological and social compatibility, and that all products are sustainable and free of genetically engineered materials
  • DEMETERThe largest and most respected certification that label officinal herbs and all the agricultural products grown following the biodynamic principles laid down by Rudolf Steiner
  • ICEAInstitute for Ecological, Organic and Vegan Cosmetics Certification
  • ICEA VEGAN*ICEA certifies Ethical products that do not contain animal derived ingredients
  • LAV, The antivivisectionist society in defence of animal life and rights Certification
  • COSMOS ORGANIC, Organic Certification for Cosmetics
  • COSMOS NATURAL, Natural Certification for Cosmetics
  • BIOAGRICERT, Organic and Natural Cosmetics and Detergents Certification

Argital supports the work of some humanitarian associations helping people and some associations involved in the defence of animals and the protection of the planet.


We use packaging with the least environmental impact to contribute to Earth's healing. We use
FSC ethical brand certified paper for cases and water-based inks for printing. Most products
are packaged in aluminium tube and glass bottle. Recyclable plastic is used only for some
products to guarantee safeness and effectiveness of detergents.