21 Jun 2013

Give relief and freshness to your skin after sun exposure

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After a day of sunbathing, you can refresh and soothe your skin with two Argital products that contain chamomile, but not only.

The Chamomile cream, with green clay gel and Chamomile, Yarrow, Marigold  flowers’ extract, has a strong soothing and refreshing action, thanks to the azulene contained in these extracts, and thanks to the natural trace elements of green clay gel. It is a very good after sun cream, also combined with Chamomile Water that has a refreshing action and leaves a delicate scent.

In alternative, we advise two products that can be used as after sun creams for body, because they are fluid and more practical to apply on the body: 
Baby protective milk and Allergen free Violet milk. These two products are fluid creams that refresh and nourish the skin after sun.