23 Jan 2015

Gold essential oils – The essence of the entire plant in the Gold essential oil.

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Gold Essential Oils are an Argital discovery, following a long study on the vision of the tripartite plant: root, leaf and flower.

By applying the Gold method, two fragrant tones are awakened in every essential oil. The scent of the leaf and root is reawakened in Rose essential oil, the scent of the flower and root is reawakened in Mint essential oil and the scent of the flower and the leaf is reawakened in Ginger essential oil. When we smell a rose on a plant, we perceive its characteristic scent, and in addition to the scent of the petal that is predominant, the scent of the leaf and the root are also present. When we smell Rose essential oil, we do perceive the characteristic scent, but as stronger and more pungent. This strong and pungent odour is perceived not only because the essential oil is concentrated, but because neither the fragrant tone of the leaf nor the root manifests in it.

These fragrant tones give the flower, when it is on the plant, a more delicate bouquet, which is more balanced and harmonious. In all essential oils, two fragrant tones relative to the two parts of the plant that are not distilled, are dormant. In essential oils that are distilled from flowers, the fragrant tones of the leaf and root are dormant. In essential oils that are distilled from the leaf, the fragrant tones of the flower and root are dormant. In essential oils that are distilled from the roots, the fragrant tones of the leaf and flower are dormant.

By imagining the tripartite plant also in an essential oil, Argital discovered that by treating these essential oils with precious metals and precious stones, and also using dynamization and the forces of dawn and sunset, a different fragrance is obtained from the starting essential oil.

The Gold method is a physical process which does not add or detract anything from the starting essential oil, but awakens the dormant qualities in it.

A Gold essential oil emanates a more delicate, richer and more balanced fragrance than the non-Gold essential oil. These differences are clearly perceivable by the olfactory.

All conventional, organic or Demeter essential oils can be transformed into Gold essential oils.

In addition to the olfactory test that allows us to immediately perceive the difference in fragrance of an essential oil that is Gold and non-Gold, the following tests were performed:

  • the sensitive crystallization test, the first to be carried out, demonstrates how the Gold essential oil is better in terms of quality by the image that it creates compared to that of the same non-Gold essential oil;
  • the skin sensitivity test or patch test, which results as negative. In other terms, the Gold essential oil does not cause redness when applied to the skin;
  • the allergy tests, which demonstrate how the Gold essential oil has a lower allergenicity compared with the same non-Gold essential oil;
  • the cell viability test demonstrated that “the cell viability of the cells treated with Gold Thyme essential oil is significantly higher compared to that of cells treated with the same concentration of non-Gold Thyme essential oil”;
  • the microbiological test, still in progress;
  • the test conducted by Argital in collaboration with a University Institute of Botany, concerning the greater or lower germinative capacities of Gold essential oils wth respect to the same non-Gold essential oil.

As it is well known, essential oils are used in cosmetics, perfumery, aromatherapy, food, and in the pharmaceutical and liqueur industries. Gold essential oils, for their particular qualities and in the light of research conducted to date, represent a breakthrough in the aforementioned fields and can also be used in new fields where the use of traditional essential oils can not.

Dr. G. Ferraro