31 Jan 2017

Healthy, beautiful and protected lips, even from the most intense cold.

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The cold and wind are a threat to healthy lips, which are more subjected than ever to chapping and irritation during the winter.

To protect them from the aggressive weather, you can use Argital Natural Glossy Lip Balm, a certified, organic cosmetic with no allergens* and no preservatives.

Its protective and glossing action gives your lips a softness and natural shine from the first application.

This effect is made possible by some specific ingredients such as:
green Clay gel, protective, regenerating and with anti-aging properties, particularly important for the lips;
organic Tricolor Viola extract, that reduces chapping and favours restoration of a natural softness to your lips;
organic Rose oily extract, healing and nourishing;
organic Olive oil and Beewax, with softening and nourishing action.

Argital natural Glossy Lip Balm is an organic product certified by BDIH and ICEA.

*Subjected to the skin irritation test (Patch test) with negative results.