04 Mar 2016

Let us take care of your respiratory tract in a natural way, with Agital Balsamic Syrup with Echinacea

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To tackle the main problems afflicting the respiratory tract, especially in the colder months, you need to provide the body with support to strengthen your immune system while helping the respiratory system to recover its natural wellbeing.

Argital Balsamic Syrup with Echinacea combines the immunostimulating qualities of Echinacea with the purifying and expectorant function of Viola tricolor and the balsamic effect of Helichrysum italicum and Eucalyptus essential oil. Star anise essential oil contributes to reducing the congestion of bronchial secretions, in addition to giving the syrup a pleasant taste.

Taking one spoonful of Balsamic Syrup with Echinacea three or four times a day, between meals, as it is or diluted in half a glass of lukewarm water is recommended.