16 Apr 2014

Between our skin, clay, the moon and other elements of nature, such as medicinal herbs and minerals, exist very precise connections on the functional and evolutionary levels, and if we examine in depth we find that both the skin and the world that the surrounds it are something other than what appears to our eyes.

The vital currents that flow on our skin, are interwoven with the vital currents of natural substances. Such a concept opens up a new world and there is great support to develop a different type of cosmetics, designed with respect for man and nature.

We view skin as being compact, but in reality it is actually a tangle of threads of light, it is a kind of sun that has not a spherical form but of a huge leaf. Our skin has many points in common even with the moon. The latter protects the earth with its orbit, and our skin protects our body with its organism.

The moon completes its revolution around the earth in 28 days and our epidermis, the top layer of our skin is renewed every 28 days. The moon reflects the light of the sun and the stars, and even the skin. Interesting similarities on a scientific level, but also fascinating and rich with mystery on other levels.

The old saying “moon skin” denoted beautiful, clear, soft, smooth, magnetic skin. Skin recognises natural substances as friends, whereas it does not recognise synthetic products as such. An essential oil, a vegetable oil, an extract of medicinal herbs or clay have a long story to tell to the skin. Skin and natural substances are the fruit of the same tree. Our skin was born, and with it a number of minerals, plants, and animals appeared on Earth. Skin has covered our body and these beings have covered the body of the planet. Two seemingly very different skins, ours and that of nature, but identical in function.

The skin of nature, composed mostly of clay, minerals, plants, and animals, has its own dynamism, protects, exchanges and shares matter and life with our planet and the cosmos. Human skin protects and also exchanges matter and life with man and creation. The epidermis is the part of the skin that lives in contact with light, which is its nourishment, and as such can feed or become damaged in case of abuse. Other beneficial properties of light sources for the skin are constituted of silica, horsetail, the ears of grain, clay, and chlorophyll, all substances that are rich in light.

Besides these substances others exist, but for now we will remain here. We restate that medicinal herbs from spontaneous agriculture, or from organic or Demeter cultivation, clay, minerals, spring water and heat are the expression of thoughts and feelings on the material level, so they have a great affinity with our skin as a “sun and moon”.

Using these substances in cosmetic form, establishes a real and proper agreement between the whole and the skin, which is essential to obtain the famous “moon skin”.