21 Feb 2014

Natural, conventional cosmetics and Demeter ingredients

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In traditional cosmetics, even nowadays, it is not a concern to improve the intrinsic quality of the product but rather to more deeply damage the emotional sphere of people, through promises, perfumes and new packaging. Traditional cosmetics are in reality a beautiful box; very attractive but empty. Natural cosmetics instead, give a lot of importance to the intrinsic quality of the product. Traditional cosmetics are aimed at an unaware consumer, whereas natural cosmetics are aimed at a more aware consumer.

Talking of cosmetics, in a certain sense, is like talking about nutrition. If good quality ingredients are used to prepare a meal, the final dish will mirror this through the taste, the aroma and colour, the goodness of the ingredients. If high-quality raw materials are used to prepare cosmetics, the product that derives will be of good quality. The quality of the ingredients is one of the pillars on which natural cosmetics are founded. In cosmetics, such as in food, 3 types of ingredients can be used: conventional, certified organic or Demeter. Nowadays, conventional ingredients do not give sufficient guarantee of pureness and quality, whereas organic and Demeter offer a greater guarantee.

To obtain quality natural cosmetics, the first step is to choose ingredients that are safe and certified, such as those that are organic and Demeter. When a Demeter-certified carrot is eaten, the good taste and good aroma can be noticed because it is healthy and not contaminated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides that may give the fruit a beautiful appearance but destroys the nutritious qualities and taste. A cosmetic cream for the face or for hands, formulated with officinal herbs, vegetable oils, Demeter-certified essential oils, brings a unique eudermic quality to the skin that is converted into high functionality. The officinal herbs, vegetable oils and essential oils of the Demeter trademark, thanks to the particular method of biodynamic cultivation, are clean and uncontaminated by chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and are rich in active ingredients. These Demeter ingredients, more importantly, bring to the skin the fertility of the land, the vital forces of the Sun’s light, the silvery light of the moon, and the rhythm of the planets, a quality that in food bestows flavour and nourishment and in cosmetics, safety, functionality and effectiveness.

Traditional cosmetics are based on synthetic ingredients, that in other words, are saline substances that tend to harden the skin, whereas natural cosmetics with their organic and Demeter ingredients, tend to maintain the skin within its better physiological state. This is the great difference between conventional and natural cosmetics, and in particular, those formulated with Demeter ingredients, which can be thought of as the cosmetics of the future.