31 Mar 2016

A naturally clean, fresh and protected mouth thanks to L’Altro collutorio

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L’Altro collutorio is the result of Argital research, which has brought together in a single product the soothing and refreshing properties of precious natural elements such as Green clay, Silver water, Ratany ,Marigold and Pineapple extract, together with a mixture of pure gold essential oils.

The result is a mouthwash with a strong soothing and antiplaque action, leaving your mouth with a feeling of freshness and cleanliness throughout the mouth for a long time.

The concentrated formulation of L’Altro collutorio allows for different levels of dilution, allowing you to choose, according to need, very mild, mild, medium, strong or extra strong dilution.

Used twice a day, immediately after brushing, L’Altro collutorio helps prevent the formation of cavities, reinforces the tooth enamel and combats bad breath.