Raw materials

Argital products contain:

  • Green clay in powder or gel form. The gel of Argilla is the water-soluble part of the green Clay, it is rich in mineral salts and oligoelements;
  • Pure Gold essential oils. Gold Essential Oils are the result of a long research conducted by Argital starting from the concept of tripartite plant, composed of flower, leaf and root. These studies have revealed that it is possible to awaken in the essential oil the perfume and properties of the whole plant, through a special process of harmonization patented by Argital;
  • Pure vegetable oils, carriers of a thin stellar heat;
  • Demeter certified officinal herbs, organic or from spontaneous collection, used in the form of decoctions. Medicinal herbs are a guarantee for the consumer and a sign of respect for the land;
  • Pure spring water. It is the element that brings with it purity and vitality;
  • Natural vitamins to stimulate processes;
  • Vegetable emulsifiers and foaming agents as basic ingredients for creams and shampoos.

Argital Raw Materials and Products are not tested on animals. Argital has always supported associations that defend the life and dignity of animals.

Le materie prime - Argital