25 Feb 2016

Relieve muscles and joints with Mud Body Pack and Cream with Camphor and Thyme

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To relieve muscles and joints, aching from the extra dampness of the winter months, Argital has two products that have been created to relax tight muscles and relieve the area of the neck, back and the joints: the Mud Body Pack and the Cream with Camphor and Thyme. Two products that complement one another, to be used singly or together, for a complete treatment.
The Mud Body Pack, with green clay and pure Camphor essential oil, is ready to use as a healing mask. The heat it generates through its Capsicum (pepper) oil content relaxes and gives immediate relief to winter problems.
The Cream with Camphor and Thyme is ideal for relaxing tight or fatigued muscles, but also for relieving winter-related problems.
Both products, given their characteristics, are particularly helpful for sports-related problems.