16 Oct 2013

Renew our skin before the cold season

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In Autumn, after the summer period, we should favour the face and body skin exfoliation to uniform the skin colour and renew the epidermis.

For the face, we advise to use our two Scrubs:

Allergen free Violet exfoliant mask: with green Clay and Tricolor Violet, it purifies and develops a gentle exfoliant action for the most delicate skin that do not like the strong perfumes or for problem skin.

Sbrub with green Clay, Iris and Damask Rose: it renews and purifies the epidermis, conferring a delicate and unique Rose perfume. Thanks to sweet Almond oil Scrub also carries out a nourishing and protective action for the skin.

Both Scrubs are BDIH, ICEA and VEGAN OK certified.

For the body we advise the mask with Argiltubo, ready to use.

How to use it? Spread the mask on the body part you wish to renew, with half cm layer. Leave it on place for 30-45 minutes, or until it is completely dry, then remove it with a wet sponge. The Scrub effect of the mask is given by the exfoliant and purifying action of green Clay, together with Borago seeds oil and extracts of Horsetail and Marigold, that protect and nourish the skin, renewing it.

Argiltubo is BDIH, ICEA and Vegan OK certified.