29 Jul 2013

SOFAI summer meeting entitled: “The world of trees: a path towards the mystery of 7”

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Dear Friends,

we just ended last moday in Bedonia, in the Parma mountains, SOFAI (Society of Italian Anthroposophic Pharmacists) summer meeting.

The topic of our meeting this year was ” The world of trees: a path towards the mystery of 7″, presented by Dr Gabriella Giannì, pharmacist. Dr Stefano Pederiva presented an original conference entitled “The tree of life and the legend of the cross’ wood”.

And, as unscheduled programme, I presented for the first time an experimental original work entitled “The 7 flowers of clay”, a series of sensitive crystallization images that highlight the etheric or vital forces present in the clay. You can admire the images above.

If you are interested in the complete conference, you can ask us and we will send it.