24 Sep 2013

The qualities of green Clay

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A harmony of light, rythme and heat.
Three qualities, three elements of health that reflect the great gestures of the cosmos,
concealed within clay’s silica, iron and calcium.
Anti-ageing, maintains a youthful skin and body.

The green Clay or green Clay gel are at the base of Argital cosmetics and their two main cosmetic qualities: anti-aging and shaping. 
Green Clay conceals  a big beauty secret, its colloidal nature. The colloid does not hardens but, for its nature, keeps itself always plastic and soft. The green Clay, when mixed with water, also becomes colloidal and plastic and reflects the condition of a healthy, elastic moisturized and tonic skin.

Green Clay has many other eudermic properties, among which it:

– makes the skin  luminous and tonic 
– rebalances the skin
– purifies the skin with acne and pimples 
– carries out a sebum regulating action on the oily skin 
– gives good results in the treatment of rosacea
– reduces bags under the eyes and eye sockets 
– has a good antiwrinkle action
– is an excellent natural scrub
– firms the breast and gluteus skin
– defeats the stretch marks 
– elasticize the skin
– defeats dermatitis
– absorbs free radicals
– carries out a strong anti-inflammatory action 
– strenghen the hair and prevents the hair fall, regulates the excess of sebum on the scalp
– strenghen the nails