03 Dec 2013

The baby protective milk gently cleans the baby skin protecting it

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The Baby protective milk, like the other baby line products, contains organic Violet extract and green clay gel that carry out a resolutive action for reddenings.  Thanks to their strong smoothing and soothing action, they make Baby protective milk suitable to clean the baby skin also when there are nappy rashes.

You can pour it on a cotton pad to cleanse the baby skin during the nappy change, in combination with Protective baby powder and Protective baby cream that act in synergy against skin reddening.

Use of the three products for nappy change:

In the evening, clean the skin with BABY PROTECTIVE MILK, wait for it to dry then spread directly on the skin the BABY PROTECTIVE POWDER and distribute it evenly with the fingertips or with a cotton pad, then apply the nappy.  In the morning, clean the skin with BABY PROTECTIVE MILK, wait for it to dry, spread the BABY PROTECTIVE CREAM and massage until it’s not absorbed, then apply the nappy. The following evening repeat the treatment.

Argital baby line products are allergen free and preservatives free. They are safe as shown by Patch test or skin irritation test accomplished on baby line products.