14 Jun 2013

The certified Demeter line by Argital

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Four body oil lotions and an ointment for breast

with selected Demeter raw materials


The products of the new Demeter certified line by Argital contain selected Demeter raw materials, like Olive oil, and extracts of Horsetail, Hypericum, Marigold, Damask Rose, Goat’s Rue, Yarrow, Chamomile, Anise, bees wax and the pure Lavender essential oil. 

The Demeter oil lotions are: Horsetail oil lotion, Hypericum oil lotion and Marigold oil lotion, that should be used together for an action on the three skin layers. The Balsamic oil lotion with Eucalyptus is also available.

The Ointment with Goat’s Rue for breast has an invigorating and protective action on the breast, because Goat’s Rue helps in firming the breast’s tissues. We advise it also for stretch marks because it makes the skin more elastic. Tricolor Violet protects the breast, Damask Rose has a balancing action, Yarrow, Chamomile and Marigold bring a benefic warmth and develop a soothing action, Anise and Fennel seeds invigorates the tissues, green Clay gel shapes and makes the breast more plastic.

The Demeter essential oils are also available.