The last Argital novelty: the Five Day Tablets for her, a natural remedy against menstrual pains.

The Argital Five Day line for her has a new addition: the Five Day Tablets for her, a natural dietary supplement against the discomforts of the menstrual cycle.

Thanks to the action of Potentilla erecta, the Five Day Tablets for her, relax and comfort, alleviating menstrual pains and favoring well-being in general.

The Five Day Tablets can be used in combination with the Five Day Cream and the Five Day Oil.

Directions for Use: 2-3 days prior to or at the start of the menstrual cycle, take 2 tablets during the day.  Take a 3rd tablet after a few hours.  Wait an additional 3-4 hours before taking a 4th tablet.  Discontinue once symptoms have eased.  If symptoms persist, continue taking 4 tablets daily for the duration of the menstrual cycle.

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