The main ingredients used to create Argital products

THE CLAY: a priceless gift of nature, a concentrate of plastic and vital forces of solar and lunar nature. The clay nourishes life, protects it and slows down its hardening. The clay absorbs the skin impurities, the free radicals, cleans us and lightens us, and brings us closer to the cosmos. The use of green clay for our body and for our whole self is like a sort of meditation.

THE OILS: a world of warmth that wraps, protects, warms up and nourishes. A higher quality whose real primordial nature is the same nature of love.

THE OFFICINAL HERBS: a world of light and vital forces that nourish and stimulate life. An uncontaminated pureness.

THE ESSENTIAL OILS: a world of perfumes that stimulate and strengthen our soul and our feelings. A poem that comes from far away.

SPRING WATER: the mystery of the solar and vital forces.