12 Jan 2016

Treatment with Argital Green Clay: a caring gesture for your hands.

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The hand treatment we propose uses Argital Green Clay, relaxes the muscles of the hands and reduces tension, creating a lighter feel and softer skin. Green Clay regenerates and tones the tissues.

For the Hand Treatment, you can use the following Argital products:

1. Cleanse your hands with Argital Liquid Soap which, due to its acid pH and the pure wheatgerm oil, supports the skin’s natural physiology. You can use this daily. It purifies the skin and absorbs free radicals. Argital’s Liquid Soap leaves the skin feeling soft, nourished and nicely toned.
2. Hand bath with fine Green Clay: dissolve a spoonful of Argital’s Fine Green Clay into a basin containing hot water. Soak your hands and massage them together. You can add between 1-3 drops of Argital’s Gold Melissa or Lavender essential oil.
3. To complete the hand treatment, we recommend using Argital’s Hand Cream with helichrysum, propolis and Green Clay gel to protect hands, prevent and combat hands cracking and splitting as well as skin irritations caused by harsh elements.