18 Mar 2013

Two products for the last cold of the season

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We can defend ourselves from the last cold of the winter season with Eucalyptus cream and Echinacea balsamic syrup.

Eucalyptus cream has a balsamic action. We advise to use it on the forehead and under the nose during the day and spread it on the cest before going to bed. Eucalyptus trees are used in the swamp areas. In the same way Eucalyptus active principles defeat liquids’ stagnation, fighting the first cold symptoms.

Balsamic syrup with Echinacea helps the breathing apparatus well being.  It is a vegetal food supplement with Anice and Vanilla flavour, 100% natural and preservatives free, with green clay gel and Echinacea, that was always used in the past to fight winter’s harshness and strenghen the immune system.



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