17 May 2016

Vegetargil, Argital natural supplement for our gastro-intestinal well-being.

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Vegetargil is a food supplement aiding in the relief of costipation, bloating and flatulence thanks to the property of “plant based clay” combined with Sage, Aniseed, Fennel and Peppermint essential oils that help regulate the activity of our stomach and intestines.

Argital’s Vegetargil is the result of the research, designed to reproduce the properties of the Activated Ventilated Green Clay by using a mixture of Demeter organic Equisetum, Nettle and Dandelion herbs.

The result is an ideal formula of natural supplements that can provide the body with all the benefits and nutrients that characterize the green clay, but that are totally plant-based.

Vegetargil comes in a convenient pack with 80 capsules, and can be taken before or after meals.