04 Mar 2014

We present a NEW Argital product: L’Altro Collutorio – Mouthwash

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L’Altro Collutorio is the new Mouthwash by Argital, an innovative and natural product that contains green Clay gel, Silver water, Pineapple extract, Rhatany and Marigold extract, and pure essential oils.

A mixture of natural ingredients with antibacterial, anti-plaque, anti-inflammatory and a soothing action on the gums. They prevent the formation of cavities, fight halitosis and strengthen the enamel.

 L’Altro Collutorio leaves a lasting fresh, clean sensation in your mouth and you immediately perceive a sensation of a clean tongue and teeth remain very smooth.

L’Altro Collutorio is a natural product, it does not contain sweeteners, additives, colourings, chemicals, fluoride or preservatives. It is concentrated to be diluted according to the needs.